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Ewan Hobbs
Very sad. I for one watched the entire thing & clearly MJ had a serious problem, disgusted just is not enough. Just because you have a mountain of money & a few 'fans' does not make it ok to destroy a child's life. Probably down there now with Jimmy & friends swapping notes !!!
Tom Shepard
The sad fact is that actual Pedophilia rings continue to run rampant in Hollywood yet the media is still trying to slander the name of a dead man who was proven innocent 20 years ago
Jay Yang
Michael was always innocent yet he got all the jokes. R. Kelly had video evidence of him peeing on a girl and doesn’t get as ridiculed as Michael did.
Michael Porter
Corey Feldman has been calling out Pedophile in Hollywood and the media has been discouraging him ever since.
Trey Sanders
The FBI never, ever found any evidence of MJ abusing kids. HBO has produced an attention-whoring hit piece.
Michael Jackson is a true Champion, attacked and falsely accused by the Luciferians and Satanists who control and run the entertainment industry.
Looks like he used bubbles as company and friendship then moved on to children.
Lenny A.
He’s a pedophile and a child molester disgusting.
the two men accusing Michael Jackson should take a lie detector test
JT Kennedy
There are several problems with the allegations and documentary. We shouldn’t blindly believe stories. Their accusations should be investigated.